At TruHealth, our goal is to give patients, their families and caregivers peace of mind, knowing that an advanced practice clinician is regularly on-site or on-call at their skilled nursing or rehabilitation center.

Whether in-person or over the phone, our nurse practitioners (NPs) focus on the specific medical needs of their patients. The NPs' dedication to only one or two locations within the community allows the time and attention necessary to get to know a patient, their care plan and preferences, while also building a partnership with their physician.

TruHealth NPs partner with each patient's most trusted caregivers - nurses, therapists and primary care physicians. After gaining approval from a patient's physician to start treatment, the NP is then the physician's primary point of contact and works with on-site staff to carry out the patient's care plan.

Costs are usually covered by Medicare Part B, and a nurse practitioner's services are generally more affordable than a physician's services. NPs are an effective way for patients to benefit from credentialed clinicians in a cost-effective manner.