About Therapy

Physical Therapy addresses a patient’s need to improve their mobility and transfers after hospitalization. Physical Therapy also provides balance re-training and strengthening exercises to reduce a patient’s risk of falling. Our therapists also offer post-op rehabilitation for joint replacements. We are able to provide a variety of skilled interventions to patients after any injury or surgery.


Occupational Therapy focuses on getting patients back to their activities of daily living following an illness, injury, or surgery. Occupational Therapy can improve patient’s strength, coordination, and balance so they can enjoy doing the routine things that everyday life brings.


Speech Therapy can benefit those with impairments of speech, language, cognition, and swallowing. Our speech pathologists' provide a multimodal approach using a range of techniques and are certified in vitalstim therapy for swallowing disorders. In conjunction with our physician and registered dietician, we can successfully help transition patients off of a feeding tube and back to an oral diet. We also provide extensive dementia management for those with early onset to end stage Alzheimer’s.

Locations That Provide Therapy